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1 Exposure to ultra thin models models treated
with praise and interest role model made
What is the process by which the SCLT imitation of role model approval and praise
suggests individuals develop the disorder? therefore behaviour reinforced.
Also, the learning process involves media

2 Girls internalise cultural standards…

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7 1. Explains why eating disorders are more
common in the west million $ fashion
Name four strengths for the SCLT 2. explains the recent increase in numbers
of diagnosis
3. Link to gender development stereo
4. links to personality perfectionism, low
self esteem
8 1. not everyone…

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1 1. Genetic
2. Chemical imbalance in neurotransmitters
3. neurodevelopment problematic birth
and season of birth
Name the three subsections of the
biological explanation

2 Causes for AN are the same one which cause
physical illnesses.

Describe the basic assumption of the
biological approach

3 The genetic factors are that…

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5 Kaye PET scans 12 healthy F, 12 AN F.
He found that there was increased dopamine
receptor activity in the Basal Ganglia of AN
Outline one piece of research for Brain women.
Chemistry The Basal Ganglia is the part of the brain which
interprets harm and pleasure. This results…

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Effective drug treatments SSRI's
Evaluate the biological explanation The bad
Gorwood the research ignores the
subtypes, and therefore different
subtypes may have different biological
11 Connan
1. Diathesis problematic birth leads to
prematurity and low birth weight causing
Outline the Diathesis stress model insecure attachments. This leads to


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