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1. What did Johansson find?

  • Having no control over a situation is linked to increased levels of stress.
  • The workers secreted more cortisol than the cleaners. This was linked with an increased risk of stress related illness and absenteeism. They also felt more irritated and rushed.
  • A higher score on the daily hassles report showed links to increased chances of having a stress related illness.
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2. Who researched biofeedback as a treatment of stress?

  • Waxler-Morrison
  • Budzynski
  • Meichenbaum

3. Who used physiological measures to investigate stress?

  • Johansson
  • Geer & Maisel
  • Kanner

4. What did Waxler-Morrison find?

  • The group receiving biofeedback received fewer tension headaches.
  • Practican help and jobs are seen as important. Six factors which helped: support from friends, contact with friends, martial status, total support, social networks and employment.
  • SIT improved symptoms of stress the most. But both SIT and systematic desensitisation had an overall improvement.

5. Who researched work as a cause of stress?

  • Geer & Maisel
  • Johansson
  • Kanner


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