Measuring Stress

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Measuring stress - Physiological measures

Study: Geer and Maisel

Aim: Measure the physiological measure of stress

Findings / conclusions: Can measure stress levels with physiological measures such as GSR and heart rate

Evaluations: +Scientific: Valid way of measuring stress -Extraneous variables: Things could be interfeering with results rather than it being stress levels

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Self report

Measuring stress - Self report

Study: Holmes and Rahe

Aim: Creat a Life Events Scale to measure stress

Findings: Positive correlation found = scale made

Evaluation: +Usefulness: Scale made, effective self report method -Culture bias: Mainly based on Western life style

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Measuring stress - Combined

Study: Johansson

Aim: Physiologically measure stress

Findings / Conclusions: Can measure stress both physiologically and with a self report

Evaluation: +Scientific: Vali +EV's eliminated

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