Causes of Stress

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Causes of stress - work

Study: Johansson

Aim: To see the effect of the type of work on the stress response

Findings / Conclusions: High risk jobs (ie. finishers) which are fast pace, on machines and have high responsibility = more stress. Low risk jobs (ie. cleaners) which are slow pace and with no pressure = less stress

Evalutation: +Reductionism= low as used combined approach measuring urine sample as well as self report. -Sample= unrepresentative as only one business (Swedish Saw Mill)

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Causes of stress - Hassles

Study: Kanner

Aim: Compare Hassels and Uplifts to the Life Events Scale as predictors of stress

Findings / Conclusions: Hassles are a better prediction of psychological symptoms of stress

Evaluation: +Usefulness: Gives hassles and uplifts as the best to use to predict stress so it can be used instead to correctly identify causes of stress. -Order effects: Same sample used so could be order effects

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Geer and Maisel

Causes of stress - Lack of control

Study: Geer and Maisel

Aim: Identify whether or not percieved control has an effect on stress levels

Findings / conclusions: Having more control reduces stress levels

Evaluation: +Usefulness: Can be applied to managing stress. Ecological validity: Wasn't a real life task / situation so cannot be 100% generalised

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