Managing Stress

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Managing Stress - Cognitive

Study: Meichenbaum

Aim: Compare SIT to standard systematic desensitisation

Findings / Conclusions: SIT is more effective

Evaluation: +Usefulness: Shows that SIT is effective so should be used -Reductionism: only cognitive treatments compared

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Managing stress - Behavioural

Study: Budzynski

Aim: See if biofeedback is effective

Findings / Conclusions: It is effective as muscle tension is reduced

Evaluation: +Usefulness: Shows that biofeedback is also an affective way of managing stress -Reductionst: Only behavioural

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Social Support

Managing Stress - Socail Support

Study: Sinha

Aim: Asses the affects of social support and self control on stress

Findings / Conclusions: Found that young-old people had more social support and self control and so were less stressed

Evaluation: +Usefulness: Gives effective and more simple way of reducing stress -Reductionist: Only social

ALL 3 Managing stress - +Ecological validity: All can be applied to real life

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