Sport Psychology

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1. Components of stress

  • Nach and Naf
  • Perception of ability to cope, perceived demands of the situation, perceived importance of the situation
  • vicarious experience, performance accomplishments, verbal persuasion, emotional arousal
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2. Trait anxiety

  • See all situations as threatening
  • See a certain situation as threatening
  • Negative thoughts, expectations or concerns

3. Interactionist theory states

  • You are born with your personality and core beliefs
  • Assumes our personality depends on our traits and on the environment
  • Assumes our personality is learned by watching others

4. What was successful athletes higher in on POMS

  • Aggression
  • Vigour
  • Depression
  • Fatigue

5. What causes the decrease in performance in the catastrophe theory?

  • High cognitive and somatic anxiety
  • High somatic anxiety and low cognitive anxiety
  • High cognitive anxiety and low somatic anxiety


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