Sport Psychology

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1. Layers in hollanders model (correct order)

  • core, typical responses, role-related, social environment
  • core, role-related, typical responses, social environment
  • core, social environment, role-related, typical responses
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2. The proposal that whether a performer views arousal as pleasant or unpleasant is likely to have a positive/ negative impact on performance

  • Instrumental aggression
  • Reverse theory
  • Self-efficacy
  • Vicarious experiences

3. Interprets success as a sign of superiority

  • trait theory
  • ego oriented
  • task oriented

4. High arousal increases the likelihood of....

  • dominant response being given
  • decreased symptoms of anxiety
  • Autonomous performers crumpling

5. What causes the decrease in performance in the catastrophe theory?

  • High cognitive and somatic anxiety
  • High somatic anxiety and low cognitive anxiety
  • High cognitive anxiety and low somatic anxiety


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