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Historical Studies

outline the objectives of the 1933 syllabus ppf physical training for state schools.

state one reason why the 1933 syllabus was replaced in the 1950s (4)

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Historical Studies

outline different types of activities associated with rurual pre-industrial community sports festivals.

state one pre-industrial activity that was taken into the public schools and adapted to a named athletic event. (5)

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Historical Studies

describe how the technical development and values of football changed from stage one to stage three in 19th century public schools. (6)

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Sports Psychology

describe the social learning and interactionist theories of personality. (4)

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Sports Psychology

using practical examples, explain why people adopt different attitudes towards a balanced active healthy lifestyle. (5)

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Sports Psychology

using practical examples. describe the possible causes of aggressive behaviour in sport. (6)

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Exercise and sport Physiology

define the terms aerobic capacity

age an gender are two facors that affect VO2 max. identify three other factors that affect an individuals VO2 max. (4)

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Exercise and sport Physiology

describe an interval training session aimed at improving aerobic capacity.

explain how three physiological adaptions resulting from interval training contribute to a BAHL. (6)

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Exercise and sport Physiology

discuss the use of RhEPO (recombinant erythropoietin) as a method of enhancing performance. (5)

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