Situation Ethics

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What is the basis of Situation Ethics?
Do the most loving thing according to the situation.
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Situation Ethics is a...
Christian based ethic
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Name the four working principles
Pragmatism, Relativisim, Positivism, Personalism
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What is relativism?
The idea that there are no absolutes, no situation is the same therefore there can't be rules.
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What is pragmatism?
The idea that the course of action must be realistic
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What is positivism?
The idea that God is love
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What is personalism?
The idea that the ethic puts people first.
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The conscience is...
the act of the decision you make, not the process of the decision making.
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Mark 2: 23-28
"The Sabbath is made for man, not man for the Sabbath"
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Situation Ethics relativises...
the absolute, not absolutises the relative.
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Situation Ethics is a...


Christian based ethic

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Name the four working principles


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What is relativism?


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What is pragmatism?


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