situation ethics


Situation ethics

Situation ethics is an ethical theory which maintains that something is moral if it follows the most loving course of action. 

Developed by anglican theologian Joseph fletcher

Theory heavily influenced by NT teaching and therefor situation ethics is a religious theory

Situation ethics follows the telelogical approach to ethics therefor it is not based on rules which govern our every action

It is a relativist theory because an action may be considered moral under one set of circumstances, but immoral under another

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Origin and development of situation ethics

Three general apporach to ethics the legalistic approach, the antinomian, the sitational approach

he did accept the rol of human reason in moral decision making, he felt that the approach to moality which followed natural law was to legalistic and that on some occsions rules had to take a second place to human need

Heavily influenced by Jesus' criticism of the phariees' legalism in the gospels.

if a rule has to be broken in order to follow the most loving course of action it is morally acceptable to break that rule 'the situationist follows a moral law or violaes it according to loves need'

He rejected an antinomian approach to morality

He felt that those who took a purely hedonistic approach to moral issues have too much moral freedom.

He developed a theory that was in between both legalism and antinomianism

Bible support for his theory 'love the lord god with all your heart and with all your sould' 'my command is this love each oter as i have loved you'

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Key principles associated with situation ethics

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