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Despite their interest in what people do...
Psychologists often overlook interest itself. Interest is a central bearing of motivation and emotion. Typically you find something interesting to which warrants emotive feelings, motivates viewing +involvement. We devote a lot of effort and brain
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power to things that interest us.
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Kashden (2004)
Interest plays a powerful role in growth of knowledge and expertise.
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Is Interest an Emotion? Lazarus (1991)
Modern theories of emotion propose that emotions are defined by a cluster of components, typically: physiological changes, facial + vocal expressions, patterns of cog appraisal, subjective feeling and adaptive role across life span.
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Interest appears to have these components...
It has a stable pattern of cog appraisals, a subjective quality and adaptive functions. Interests physiological and expressive components are associated with orienting and concentration.
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Interest doesn't have the eye crinkling...
expression of happiness are raised eyebrows of surprise, but does have movements of the forehead and eyes typical of attending and concentrating, as well as tilting of head. Appears to have the components of emotion.
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What Does Interest Do?
According to Lazarus (1991) emotions help to manage fundamental goals. Interests function is to motivate learning and exploration. By motivating people to learn for their own sake, interest ensures that people will develop a broad set of knowledge,
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What Does Interest Do?
skills and experience.
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The need for learning in infancy is...
most compelling. Beyond infancy interest is a source of inherent motivation to continue learning.
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Silvia (2006)
When interested, students persist for longer in learning tasks, spend more time studying, read more deeply and remember more of what they read. IN art may remember more and engage more.
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What is Interesting?
Hard to answer. People differ in what they find interesting and the same person will differ in interest over time- a once interesting piece of art can become boring.Two problems of between-person and within-person variability.
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Interest motivates...
learning about something new + complex, once you understand the thing no longer interesting. This new knowledge however enables new things to be found interesting.
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In a sense interest is...
self-propelling: it motivates people to learn thereby giving them knowledge needed to be interested.
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power to things that interest us.

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Kashden (2004)


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Is Interest an Emotion? Lazarus (1991)


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Interest appears to have these components...


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