What is a volcano?
An opening or vent in the earths surface where molten material erupts and solidifies as lava.
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At what plate boundaries do volcanoes occur?
Destructive and constructive
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Pyroclastic Flow
Hot steam, ash, rock ,and dust that rolls down the side of a volcano very quickly and reaches 400c
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The decline at the top of the vent where an eruption has blown the top of the volcano off
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Main Vent
The pipe running up the centre of the volcano that allows magma to escape
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Magma Chamber
A pool of magma below the volcano
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Molten Rock below the earths surface
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Molten rock above the earths surface
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Volcanic cloud, ash and bombs
Airborne material ejected from the volcano
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Parsitic Cone
Secondary Cone Living off the magma in the main vent
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Destructive mud flow
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Convection current
Heated liquid magma rises to the earth's crust, then cooled ino gloopy heavy magma and drops back down to the bottom of the mantle
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Destructive Plate Boundary
Plates are moving together. Oceanic plate pushed under continental plate.
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Collision Plate Boundary
Two continental plates are moving together. Causing fold mountains
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Conservative Plate boundary
Two plates sliding past each other. Uneven edges slip and cause earthquakes
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Constructive Plate boundary
Plates are moving apart. Magma rises and cools to form new rock.
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Effects of an earth quake in an MEDC
Good medical technology, good emergency services, stable buildings, good transport links (air ambulance), electricity
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How are buildings stable in an MEDC?
Hollow concrete blocks, re inforced steel corner pillars, stone foundations made of the rublle of collapsed buildings
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Effects of an earthquake in an LEDC
LAck of medical tech, poor emergency services, unstabe buildings (steel girders, mud walls) bad transport links, no or little power.
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A natural drain, most of the rain that falls on the land eventually drains into this
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The place where a river begins
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A small river or stream meets a larger river
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Where two rivers meet
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Drainage basin
The area drained by a river and its tributaries
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A space or gap which the river flows through
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An area of high land forming the edge of a drainage basin
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Wearing away of rock and soil found along the river bed and banks / breaking down of particles being carried downstream by th river
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Rocks being carried by the river smash together and break into smaller particles
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Soluble particles are dissolved into water
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The bed and bank are worn away by rocks being carried by the river
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Hydraulic action
The force of the river against the banks causes air to enter cracks or crevices, the pressure wears the banks away
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When rocks are broken down in the place where they were formed by the action of weather, plants and animals
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Physical weathering and examples
when force is used to break up the rock (freeze thaw, exfoliation [heat then cold causes outer layer to crack] biological [plants and roots]
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Chemical and examples
'When a chemical change takes place in the rock (Rust and acid rain)
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Rivers pick up and carry material as they flow downstream
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Large boulders and rocks are rolled along the bed
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Small Pebbles and stones are bounced along the river bed
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solution (transportation)
minerals are dissolved in the water and carried along
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Fine light material is carried along the water
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When a river loses energy, it will drop some material its carryng
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When does depostiion happen
in shallow water, after a flood or in drought, end of a rivers journey
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How is a meander formed?
Flow is fastest on outside of river where deeper, river erodes outside bank and under cuts to form a river cliff, on inside o bend river is slow flowing and shallow, causes deposition and slip off slope.
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Hyrdocodial Flow
Corkscrew motion
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Destructive and constructive

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