Geographies of Health

What is the definition of health?
A complete state of physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity
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Who created the 1st definition of health
Who 1948
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Who said Health was a hard term to define?
Earle, 2007
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What is disease burden?
The total impact of a disease (economic, social and public health indicators)
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Who suggested the there was a shift from Medical health to social health?
Kearns and Moon 2002
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Is a communicable disease...
An infectious disease (TB, Malaria)
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What isn't an example of a socially constructed health issue?
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What percentage of some countries self medicate
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When did John Snow map Cholera?
Pre 20th Century
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Who said that a lot of illness is still negative and focusses on illness rather than well being?
Kearns and Moon 2002
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What are the 3 components of disease ecology?
Disease, environment, human and animal agents
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What is the term that describes the encompassing of all the separate entities that impact health
One Health
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What amount of time is the maximum for reaching a trauma centre
1 hour
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Who stressed the need for rapid response for global health threats?
Cinnamon et al., 2016
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Who found that socioeconomic status effects health and the experience of place
Kearns 1993
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What are the three variations of big data? (Kitchen 2003)
Directed, Automated, Volunteered
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Who suggests the use of mobile phone data to track disease?
Cinnamon et al 2016
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What is Central Place Theory?
A theory that seeks to explain the number, size and location of human settlements (Law of Human Settlements)
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Who coined the term Central Place Theory
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Problem with central place theory?
Assumes that places are completely flat
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Who came up with the simplistic quote "everything is related to everything else but near things are more related than distant things"?
Tobler 1970
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What is activity space?
Places you spend time outside of the home
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Who said wealthier is healthier?
Dunn et al 2007
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De-medicalisation of the body
Reclaim the body from medical discourses
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Who said health is a shaper of identity
Crawford 2006
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Neoliberalism (Harvey 2005) suggests that humans best advance by what?
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Lefebvre's Social production of space included three spaces...
Mental, physical, social
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Who links neoliberalism and obesity?
Guthman 2006
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Which academic suggests that social inequities are killing people on a grand scale?
Marmot 2008
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What is counted as an environmental exposure to health (Comrie, 2007)
Air pollution
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Who presented the idea of the French paradox
Wansink 2007
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What is the life expectancy in Carlton Glasgow?
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What is the life expectancy in Lenzie Glasgow
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The health wealth relationship- which isn't a factor
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Who created the Health Determinats Model?
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What are the issues with Geography knowledge that Johnsen (2011) identified?
Decline in attention to genuine social problems
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What is one thing that health policies do not do?
Provide step by step guidelines for health care
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Health policies can target
people traces places
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Which academics highlight the problems with health policies?- marginalisation, discrimination, exclusionary effects, spatially stigmatised
Keene and Padilla 2014
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Converting Knowledge to Action- choose a correct example
Reduced speed zone
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Harm reduction policies - which cities encourage safe injection sites?
Sydney and Vancouver
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Who supports the harm reduction policies?
UN and Red Cross
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Which government enacted the Health Action Zones
New Labour
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Which academics wrote about the Health Action Zones?
Judge and Bould 2006
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How much was spent on the health action zones?
£4 million
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What was their primary aim?
Reduce effects of poverty and neglect on health in disadvantaged neighbourhoods
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Who discusses the 2004 WHO Global Strategy on Diet, Physical activity and health?
Brown and Bell 2008
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How does Regional Policy work?
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National policy is implemented by NHS, Public health England and organisations - give one example of a polly.
Sugar Tax- 5% sugar levy
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One of the main reasons with place based policy is...
We can't assume that policies targeting places will reach local residents
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What are the determinants of a good health system?
A robust financing mechanism
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What countries have a centrally planned, controlled and funded health care system?
Former USSR, Cuba, North Korea
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What country has a tax funded system?
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What country is market based?
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How much more does the USA spend on their healthcare system than the UK?
2 x
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In what year was the Alma Ata declaration getting attention away from tertiary care, signed?
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What are the two main threats to the health system?
Increased Costs and Growing Dependency Ratio
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How much has NHS spending increased by?
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What percentage of Americans have no care whatsoever? (Obamacare)
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Who suggests that we have seen the transformation of theNHS from a single provider to a complex network of national and private organisations?(consumer society)
Sturgeon 2014
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What is medical tourism? (Crooks, 2011; Chen and Flood, 2013)q
Patients travelling to access services abroad
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Does medical tourism provide treatments that may be illegal in other countries?
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Who said that health workers are a global commodity?
Connell 2015
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What is the % of Africa's disease burden?
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What % of the world's health workers are in Africa?
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Who said there is a 4million shortage of health workers in the global south?
Connell and Walton-Roberts 2015
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What number of people have developed AIDS globally (Gizelis, 2009)?
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Universal health care is the single most powerful concept that public health has to offer. Who said this?
Chan, who
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How many people compared to the 1% in the UK couldn't afford to see a doctor? (Davis et al, 2014)
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Health systems the focus on equity usually produce better or worse health outcomes?
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Who discusses equity and it being the objective of many health systems?
Goddard and Smith, 2001
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What do Buse and Hawkes 2015 criticise the SDG's for being weak in?
Non-communicable diseases and diet and tobacco
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What are NHS Public Benefit Corporations? 2004 (Andersson, 2012)
Trusts free from central government
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Which academic discusses the postcode lottery ?
Cinnamon et al 2009
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Which isn't a barrier to access? (Goddard and Smith, 2001)
Extra curricular activities
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Is caring for...
The practice of caregiving
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What is not a care provider benefit?
Health benefits
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In what decade did there start to be more of a place centred design for hospitals?
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Who imagined the therapeutic design- comforting demedicalised space, city into hospital, not looking like a hospital?
Adam 2010
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Who found that a window view meant shorter post op stay and less negative comments?
Ulrich 1984
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What are the reasons behind community care? (Britain et al 2010)
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How many workers have caring duties
1 in 9
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Who said that the as the home care makes the home very public it can become threatening?
Dyck 2005
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What is the smart home sensor platform called?
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EHEALTH (Lupton 2013) which is not an example?
Radio connection with hospital
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