Searching Algorithms and Sorting

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1. Sorting method which uses the middle number as a pivot and you rewrite the list depending on the numbers being bigger or smaller than the pivot

  • Quick Sort
  • Bubble Sort
  • Binary Search
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2. Least reliable bin packing algorithm

  • Full Fit
  • First Fit
  • First fit decreasing

3. Most difficult but most likely to provide optimal solution bin packing algorithm

  • Full fit
  • First fit decreasing
  • First fit

4. Two sorting methods which place a list into ascending or descending order

  • Binary search + Quick sort
  • Bubble sort + Quick Sort
  • Bubble sort + Binary search

5. The sorting method in which you compare a pair of numbers and swap depending on size in each pass

  • Bubble Sort
  • Quick Sort
  • Binary Search


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