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BinPacking Algorithms

FullBin Algorithm
1) Search for combinations of items which exactly fill the bins.
2) When no more such combinations exist, create a new bin and place an item into it.
3) Place items into the first bin they will fit in.
4) When…

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1) List out all edges with their weights, and choose the edge with minimum weight.
2) Compare the next edge with the lowest weight: if the edge would form a cycle, reject it (giving the
reasoning of "cycle") and move on to the next edge.
3) If the edge does…

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Critical Path Algorithm
1) Perform a forward pass, recording earliest event times e.
2) Perform a backward pass, recording latest event times l.
3) Calculate the total float for each activity using the formula "F(i,j) = (ljei) ­ (i,j)".
4) Construct a critical path by selecting the activities for which…


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