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D1 Revision
Prim's, Kruskal's and Dijkstra's Algorithm

Prim's Algorithm: Choose any vertex to start the tree, selecting an arc of least
weight that connects from a node currently in the tree, to a node not currently
in the tree.

Kruskal's Algorithm: Sort the arcs in to ascending order of weight,…

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Spanning Tree: A subgraph of G, which includes all the vertices of G and is
also a tree

Minimum Spanning Tree: A tree such that the total length of its arcs is as
small as possible

Isomorphic Graph: A graph, which shows the same information but is drawn


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Route Inspection

Eulerian Graph: A graph where all the valencies are even

Semi-Eulerian Graph: A graph where precisely two vertices have an odd
valency and the rest are even (the two vertices with the odd valencies will be
the start and end point)

Traversable: A graph is traversable if you…

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For a Gantt chart, the critical path and each individual activity must have one
row each with floats drawn on the end

For a Scheduling Diagram, you must use the minimum number of rows to plot
all of the activities, shading in any slack time, DO NOT DRAW FLOAT



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