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Further Maths Revision.

Bubble Sort ­ Used to order items into ascending or descending order.
To perform the bubble sort algorithm:
1. Start at the beginning of the list and compare the first and second term. If they are in
order leave them. If they are not in order…

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The lower bound is the minimum amount of bins you need. The lower bound is calculated
by the sum of the lengths or heights of the items divided by the space per bin.
Algorithms on graphs
A minimum spanning tree is a spanning tree such that the total length of…

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Semieulerian graph has precisely only tow odd vertices.

Route Inspection algorithm.
Chinese Postman Algorithm is used to find the shortest route tat traverses every arc at
least once and returns to the starting point.

If all the vertices have an even valency the network is traversable and therefore he length…

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A bipartide graph has two sets of nodes where arcs may never connect nodes in the same

To perform the maximum matching algorithm:
1. Start with any initial matching.
2. Search for an alternating path.
3. Change the status of the alternating path.
4. List the new matching.…




lots of spelling mistakes in this!

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