Sales and Personal Selling

Situational questions (SPIN)
Open ended questions used at the beginning of the sales process to help discover buyer needs
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Problematic Questions (SPIN)
Asking about problems, disatisfaction and difficulties
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Implication questions (SPIN)
Ask about the consequences of the issue, how does this effect your employee's?
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Need-Payoff Questions (SPIN)
Ask about the value of the proposed solution, get them talking about the benefits
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Assessment questions (ADAPT)
broad open questions, describing the situation> what arrangement do you have with suppliers?
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Discovery questions (ADAPT)
Open ended for max information, questions about previous information gained, seek to uncover problems or dissatisfaction for buyers needs
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Activation (ADAPT)
designed to activate the buyers needs and desire to fix a problem, questions that show negative impact of the problem discovered
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Transition (ADAPT)
Confirm interest in solving the problem, transition to presentation. If i can show you how our company ensures on time delivery, would you be interested in looking at it for your organisation?
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Trust based selling
Colloborative and two way form of communication between buyers and sellers to develop a better understanding of the need situation, and work together to create a solution for the buyers needs.
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Probing questions
Designed to penetrate below the general information, can you share an example of that with me?
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Evaluative questions
Open ended questions to uncover attitudes, opinions and preferences of the customer.
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Problematic Questions (SPIN)


Asking about problems, disatisfaction and difficulties

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Implication questions (SPIN)


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Need-Payoff Questions (SPIN)


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Assessment questions (ADAPT)


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