Principles of Marketing (part two)

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  • Marketing (semester two)
    • Product and Brand Management 
      • Difference between a product and a brand
      • Product strategies and differentiation
      • Three levels of a product
      • Definitions of brand and brand equity
      • Building brand equity
      • Benefits of a brand and branding
      • Building and managing brands
      • Components of brand awareness
      • Managing product and brand portfolios
    • Managing the entry of new products and product development
      • Introducing new products
      • Modifying existing products
      • Eliminating obsolete products
      • Product life cycle
      • New product development
      • Product strategies
      • Stages in product planning
      • Idea generation
      • Screening - four part model
      • Concept testing and development
    • Promotions - PR and direct marketing
      • Integrated marketing communications
      • Definitions of PR and publicity
      • Integrated marketing communications and the components
      • Stages in developing an integrated communications campaign
      • Sales promotion
      • Sponsorship
      • Direct marketing
    • Promotions - advertising and analytics
      • Advertising or branding?
      • Advertising definition
      • How to apply theoretically and practically to case studies
      • The advertising plan: objectives, audience, message, channels and measurement
    • Promotions - personal selling/sales and other promotional tools
      • Direct communications techniques
      • Database marketing
      • Customer relationship marketing
      • Direct marketing
      • Buzz marketing
      • Personal selling
      • Sales management
    • Services marketing
      • Unique characteristics of services
      • 7P's of marketing
      • Managing service enterprises
      • Relationship marketing
      • Experiential marketing
      • Marketing in non-profit organisations
    • E-marketing and social media management
      • Internet marketing mix
      • Objectives of digital marketing
      • Digital marketing communications
      • Web design
      • Search engine optimisation
      • Market research
      • Netnography
      • Social media management
      • Campaign measurement
      • Future potential in digital marketing
      • How online marketing techniques encourage customer interaction and engagement
      • How can digital and online marketing techniques complement, support and enhance the experience of traditional marketing communication methods for consumers


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