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Basic Definitions

State the definition of Morality.

State the definition of Sanctity of Life.

State the definition of Value of life.

State the definition of Quality of life.

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Morality refers to personal decisions about what is right and wrong- behaviour and following those decisions in everyday life.

Sanctity of life: Life is special and holy because it is God given

Value of life: How valuable a pewrson is, or important (not judging by physical state)

Quality of life: How good your life is, e.g. a fully paralysed person wouldn't necessarily have a good quality of life.

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Define the term IVF.

How does IVF work?

Give 3 reasons for IVF and 3 reasons against IVF.

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IVF (in vitro fertilisation) is when an infertile man or woman can have a child through treatment.

Some of the woman's eggs are extracted from her uterus and fertilised by the man's sperm in glass (in vitro), and implanted back into the womb when fertilisation has started so that she can give birth.

1. Unfertile couples can have children

2. Some people believe that God gave us IVF                        FOR

3. Some people say that it is a medical problem, which is fixed by IVF

1.Some people say that it's un-natural

2. Some people say that it intervenes with God's work           AGAINST

3. Some people say that killing the surplus embryo's is murder

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Fertility definitions

What is Surrogacy?

What is Artificial Insemination?

Why is deciding when life begins a key question in fertility treatment?

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Surrogacy is when a fertile woman puts another man's (from a couple) sperm into her womb, or a woman's egg and a man's sperm (from a couple) so that she can give birth to their baby.

Artificial Insemination is when an embryo is taken and modified so that the baby doesn't have illness while inside the womb. (Designer babies is when the features are changed).

Deciding when life begins is a key question is fertility treatments because if you believe that a life is created when a sperm reaches an egg your view of IVF could be different to a person who believes that a life is created when the baby is born, because you may think that throwing away the extra embryos after 14 days is murder, like Roman Catholics.

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What is cloning?

What is reproductive cloning?

What does the law say about cloning?

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Cloning is creating a genetically identical copy of an organism (using the DNA of the original). 

Reproductive cloning is creating an identical copy of an organism.

The law states that therapeutic cloning (legal) could lead to reproductive cloning which is illegal. A laboratory involved in cloning is carefully licensed.

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