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2. surfactants

  • cause upper respiratory obstruction
  • prevent the collapse of the alveoli
  • decrease thoracic volume
  • induce anaphylaxis

3. a preterm infant is most likely to develop respiratory distress because of

  • and inability of the immature diaphragm to contract
  • excess mucus in the upper airways
  • deficiency of surfactant
  • bacterial pneumonia

4. which of the following is the dome-shaped muscle that is the chief muscle of inhalation?

  • epiglottis
  • diaphragm
  • mediastinum
  • pericardium

5. what is the transport mechanism necessary for the movement of oxygen from the alveoli across the pulmonary capillary membranes into the blood?

  • facilitated transport
  • diffusion
  • osmosis
  • active transport


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