Religious Studies: Beliefs about the Nature of God

Meaning of omnipresent
God is everywhere at the same time
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Meaning of omnibenevolent
God is all good and all loving.
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Meaning of omniscient
God knows everything
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Meaning of omnipotent
this means God is all powerful and can do anything
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How are Christians monotheists?
They believe that there is only one God.
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What do Christians believe about God?
That he is not like any other living being and this makes it difficult to describe God
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How would Christians describe God?
As Holy
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What do Christians mean when they describe God as holy?
Special, pure and set apart.
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Does the Trinity mean that Christians believe there is more than one God?
No, they are monotheists. It means they believe there are three different aspects to God.
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What are the three sections of the Holy Spirit?
God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit
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Complete the other side... God the Father:____________
God in Heaven
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Complete the other side... God the Son:____________
God in the form of Jesus
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Complete the other side... God the Holy Spirit:____________
God at work in the world
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What does the image of God the Father suggest for Christians?
He loves human beings,God is the created&sustainer of Heaven&Earth&cares for everything.He's a judge,will punish if humans do wrong,but also forgive if repent.God's almighty,a loving parent.
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What is important to remember about the representation of God in the Bible?
Even though he is referred to as 'he', many Christians believe God has no gender, and may refer to God as mother.
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What do Christians believe about Jesus?
That he was born the Son of God, God incarnate - fully God and fully human
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How do Christians believe Jesus was born?
of a human mother and lived a human life (but was sinless)
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What did Jesus show?(2)
People how to live in the right way so that they could enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus showed God's love by being crucified so humans could be forgiven for their wrongdoing.
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When do Christians believe God showed power over death?
When Jesus rose from the dead - the resurrection. Jesus ascended to Heaven and at the end of time he will come as judge.
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Once Jesus ascended, what did God send?
The Holy Spirit - the power of God at work in the world today to guide and support Christians.
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Where are the core beliefs about God found?
In the apostles' Creed.
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Meaning of omnibenevolent


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How are Christians monotheists?


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