Religious Studies: Believing in God perfect answers

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Religious Studies: Believing in God Answers

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Do you think everyone should have a religious upbrining?

No I do not believe everyone should have a religious upbrining. I have this opinion because children should have the freedom to chose whether or not they want to be a theist, they shouldn't be forced to believe what their parents believe and have the right to mke their own decisions. Also some parents are not religious so it would be unfair for them to teach their children practices which hey have no understanding of.

Do you think God designed the world?

Yes I do believe God designed the world. I have this opinion because the design of the world is so complex it could not have happened by chance as William Paley explained with his watch and watch maker theory. The workings of a pocket watch is so complex and perfect how all the cogs work in sinc that it must have had a maker - a watch maker. He compares the creation of the earth to this. And only God could be powerful enough to create such a masterpiece.

Do you think a religious upbrining leads to belief in God?

Yes I do believe a religious upbringing leads to belief in God. I have this opinion because if a child is taken to a place of worship regularly, it encourages the child to believe in God as services


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