Topic two - revelation

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What is a revelation?

God shows himself to believers. This is the only way anybody can can really know anything about God.

Ways God can reveal himself:

  • A direct meeting, dream or vision
  • Nature
  • Worship
  • Prayer
  • Sacred writings
  • People
  • Miracles
  • Conscience
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General Revelation

God making himself known through ordinary, common human experiences

They are indirect

They include:

  • Seeing the presence of God in nature
  • seeing God in the Holy books of religion
  • seeing God in the writings of religious leaders
  • seeing God in the life and work of other people
  • seeing God's character revealed through faith
  • experiencing God through prayer and worship
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Seeing God in nature

  • The beauty and power of nature
  • The complexity of the human body
  • The creation of new life
  • Are thought to be evidence that God is immanent in the world
  • This leads to feelings of awe and wonder
  • (
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Seeing God in the holy books

  • Muslims beleive the Qur'an is the actual words of Allah
  • For other believers the words in their Holy book are inspired by God but not revealed by God directly
  • When readers read the books they hope to get a better understanding of the teachings of the religion


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Seeing God in the writings of religious leaders

  • Some religous leaders write explanations of the sacred texts to help believers to show what the text reveals about God
  • They may publish reports on how believers should live their lives according to the will of God


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Seeing God in the life and work of other people

  • They way some people have led their lives are beleived to be so extraordinary by some religious believers that they believe God has guided them
  • By studying their life and work, believers feel they can find out more about God
  • Shows how God wants people to behave
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Seeing God's character through faith

  • The desire to worship God is evidence that he exists
  • Conscience is also evidence that he exists


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Special Revelation

God making himself known through direct personal experience or an unusual specific event

Types of special revelation:

  • Enlightenment
  • Hearing God's call
  • Experiencing visions or dreams
  • Through miracles
  • Through prayer and worship
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Enlightenment and Hearing God's call


Buddhists do not believe in God and seek understanding of what is and isn't true

Hearing God's Call:

Religious founders beleived God contacted them directly and the message they receive may result in individuals changing their way of life or beliefs, could have a conversion

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Visions or Dreams


  • People can see holy people, angels or hear messages from God
  • e.g. St Bernadette saw visions of Virgin Mary and was told waters of Lourdes had healing powers


  • A way in which people feel they have direct contact from God
  • e.g. Jacob saw a ladder to Heaven anf the angels going up and down it, realised God is willing to forgive people of their sins
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