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What is Omnipotent?
all powerful
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What is Omniscient?
all knowing
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What is Omnibenevolent?
all loving
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Natural Evil
evil that is out of our control, causes of suffering within the natural world
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Moral Evil
evil and suffering as the result of human actions
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4 main points of Hicks theoidcy
1-children of God, 2- epistemic distance, 3- the world is not paradise, 4-if life stopped at death God would not have a purpose for creation
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name two strength of Hicks theodicy
1- irendeus - without evil good would have no meaning 2-no suffering is pointless, all experiences help us develop into children of God
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name two weaknesses of Hicks theodicy
1- it is not fair as everyone goes to heaven, even the unsaved 2-how can you justify animal suffering, they do not soul make
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what did God create the world like and why?
God created an imperfect world to allow us to soul-make
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what does Hicks theodicy mean for God?
God is partly responsible for evil, he is omnibenevolent and would not allow us to suffer without good reason for it
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A priori
reasoning that is based on logic alone, 'before experience'
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A posteriori
arguments which rely on experience or empirical evidence
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statements that are true in themselves, by definition
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statements which need some external verification or reply on other qualifications
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An argument where logically the conclusion must be necessairly be true due to the truth of the premises
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An argument where the premises are true, but it doesn't necessairly lead to a certain conclusion, it would need to be verified
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Is the Ontological Argument A priori or A posteriori?
A priori
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What is the Ontological Arguments aim?
to prove Gods existence by using the definition of what God is
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What is Omniscient?


all knowing

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What is Omnibenevolent?


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Natural Evil


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Moral Evil


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