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Aristotle and philosophy of religion unit 1

Aristotle's four causes
Aristotle identified four causes that explain why a thing or object exists as it does
The material cause
The material cause refers to the matter or substance that something is made from (e.g. a book is
made of paper). The…

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fact that human beings are in a process of change. Everyday your body changes, you grow and age,
you lose hair and skin cells.
Aristotle observed four things:
1. The physical world was constantly in a state of motion and change.
2. The planets seemed to be moving eternally.

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Aristotle and Christianity
Aquinas came up with the early forms of cosmological arguments
The philosophy of Aristotle is used to explain roman catholic beliefs about the presence of
Jesus in the bread and wine used in the Eucharistic service, the mass
The prime mover idea influenced medieval thinking about the…


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