Religion and Science

What is the Big bang?
The explosion that may scientists believe started the world.
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What is evolution?
The theory that animals and humans have changed throughout millions of years adapting to different types of environment.
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What is humanity?
The word that refers to all human beings.
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What does stewardship mean?
The christian view that humans have been put in charge of the world and take care of it for God.
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Agape means?
Christian love.
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What does Genesis 1 teach?
Human beings have the POWER to rule over and BE IN CHARGE of God's creation.
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What does Genesis 2 teach?
Teaches that humans should GUARD the world and CULTIVATE it.
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What does Ex nihilo mean?
God created the world from nothing.
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What is the difference between the big bang and evolution?
Big band is still a theory whereas evolution has been proven.
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What is the Oscillating theory?
The universe expands until it gets too much pressure and collapses on itself and returns to the state of the big bang.
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What is a creationist?
Someone who believes the bible is literally true.
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What does 'ayin' mean?
A time period with no specific length.
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What do some Christians believe about the length of creation?
They believe that it was just a selection of 6 time periods called ayin rather than six literal days.
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A humanist is someone who...
Believes that the earth was created by the Big bang.
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Some people believe that Genesis has a good meaning but it didn't happen and its just a...
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What quote suggests that humans are important as they were made like God?
'Let us make man in our image'
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What are some views on animals?
Jesus was a Shepard and looked after animals, Made by god also, Can be used in food and some experiments as it is improving human life which is regarded as more valuable.
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How might animals be abused?
Ivory, fur, testing, neglection...
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What is the difference between animal rights and animal welfare?
Animal welfare is that animals can be used for things to benefit humans and other things however cannot be harmed whereas animal rights clearly states they should have the same rights as humans.
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Who is Chico Mendes?
A environmentalist who campaigned against deforestation and helped working conditions.
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What does Dominion mean?
To rule over the world and control it.
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What is A Rocha?
A Rocha is a christian conservation charity who practice and educated christian ideas of stewardship and environment.
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'In the Beginning God created the heavens and the Earth' could be used when/
When trying to prove that Christians believe that God and only God created the earth.
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State a quote that represents humans are allowed to choose animals welfate?
'Rule over the fish of the sea'
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What is evolution?


The theory that animals and humans have changed throughout millions of years adapting to different types of environment.

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What is humanity?


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What does stewardship mean?


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Agape means?


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