Religion and Ethics

What is Natural Law?
God made us to flourish
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What is Eternal Law?
God willed for us to be this way
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What is Divine Law?
God has taught us certain moral truths in revelatiom
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What is Human Law?
We are social animals We need to make regulations for society to be orderly so that people may flourish.
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What are the telos?
Things on earth seek to achieve their goal. FOR AQUINAS, THE UNIVERSE IS PURPOSIVE. Everything has a purpose.
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What is IUS?
Refers to general principle of Law.
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What is LEX?
Term from which we derive 'legislation'.
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Does Aquinas talk through IUS or LEX?
Always through Ius.
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What is the primary precept?
The natural inclination to do good. DO GOOD AND AVOID EVIL
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What is the secondary precept?
Follow the primary precept initial thought. The value of stable relationships and good education of children is evident because they help to preserve life and enable flourishing.
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What are the 5 broad areas of moral conduct?
Preservation of life, ordering of society, worship of God, education of children and reproduction
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Why are they reffered as the 5 PP?
Because they are saying "not something added to the original demand to do good"
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What is prudence in natural law?
We don't know by a kind of gut feeling of what we should do. Intrinsinc to human nature is that we are rational creatures.
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What is a modern development of the natural law theory?
JOHN FINNIS- Based on Aristotelian principles, he calls 'basic forms of human flourishing'.
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What is the double effect?
An act may have more than one effect, and be known to have more than one. WHAT MATTERS IS THE INTENTION.
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What is a quote for the double effect?
"Nothing hindersan act from having two effects, only one of which is intended" (Summa theologica)
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What conditions are required in the principle of the double effect?
The act must not be evil in itself, the evil and good that come from an act must be at least equal, the intention of the agent must be good, a proportionally serious reason must be present to justify the indirect effect.
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Why is the last point significant?
Because Aquinas insists on proportion. People should not perform acts which are in any way harmful.
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God willed for us to be this way

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