The Relationship between Religion and Morality

The basics on Religion v Morality

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  • The Relationship between Religion and Morality
    • Scholars
      • Bonhoeffer
        • Christianity gives us a special, crucial view on morality. Ethics without a religion is a hollow exercise, because it is not sufficiently aware of our sinful natures.
      • Plato's Euthyphro Dilemma
        • God commands goodness because it is good
          • Both assume God's existence
            • Goodness is good because it is commanded by God
        • Goodness is good because it is commanded by God
      • Russel
        • I love the things that are good because they are good and hate the things that are bad because they are bad
          • God has no say
      • Steve Chalke
        • Agape extends beyond tolerance
          • Unconditional love conquers all
      • Aquinas
        • All goodness comes from God. Closer to goodness makes you closer to God.
      • J Sachs
        • Fundamentalism is when you go from text to application without interpretation
          • God's goodness must be interpreted
      • Prof. R Dawkins
        • Religions labels people like a free enterprise. Untested belief becomes unshakable truth.
          • Religion not sound enough to base morality on
    • Arguments
      • Religion accepts human faults
      • Religion blocks moral progress e.g. medieval post mortems
      • Papal interpretations differ
      • People do not always accept the whole of their religion - Too inconsistent to base morality on
      • The more fixed on faith one is, the less likely they'll compromise
      • Religion = early science, trying to explain the world
      • Differences in religion
      • God Himself defies some of the 10 commandments (his own moral teaching)
      • People do immoral things in the name of religion
      • Religion is a source of moral teachings
    • Bible
      • Abraham and Isaac
        • God commands Abraham to kill his own son - grave moral wrong?
          • Testing a servant moral?
          • Abraham acts out of fear. Relationship of blind obedience?
      • Cain and Abel
        • God curses Cain for his crime of killing Abel - early justice system?
      • Job
        • Job rewarded by God for his faith yet starving African Christians are not
          • Testing a servant moral?
    • Key Words
      • Heteronomy
        • Morality is similar to religion
      • Autonomy
        • Morality is independent from religion
      • Theonomy
        • Morality is dependent on religion
      • Deontological
        • Action itself is based solecy upon the action and not its consequences
      • Teological
        • Action defined upon consequences
  • The more fixed on faith one is, the less likely they'll compromise


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