Situation ethics Strengths & Weaknesses

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Weaknesses of situation ethics

  • "some situations are simply tragic"- Hurtshouse
    you cant predict the consequences, takes to long to analyse whether its right or wrong. Whereas if you followed an absolutist approach the answer to what you should do in each situation is already there and straight forward to follow.
  • applying the law of love to actions can be selfish and may just benefit yourself not others, the content 'law of love' is too vague whereas in deontology the categorical imperative is an evaluative scheme, utilitarianism provides a better basis "an action is right if it produces the most greatest good for the greatest number".
  • being based on Christian ethics (agape) does it only allow for christian followers?
  • Subjective- everyone has different ideas on what the most loving thing is and how to understand the law of love
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Strengths of situations ethics

  • doing the most loving thing prevents hatred
  • its flexible guidelines gives personal freedom to those who decide which is the most loving action. MNL can cause the wrong thing to be done just because the Bible states it
  • out dated views no longer need to be followed with this approach- science had prven religion false therefore we need an approach to ethics which is more personal that can work with modern day ethical issues e.g. abortion
  • a clear benefit of SIT is that it provides an alternative Christian ethic that is consistent with the Gospel representation of Jesus.
  • it takes the consequences into an action into consideration to provide a loving result, its less selfcentred unlike utilitarianism, which favours the majority, excluding the minority
  • can free up moral dilemmas
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