Situation ethics

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What is legalistic ethics? What is antinomian ethics? What are situation ethics?
An ethical system that contains The view that there are no moral They look at the situation and
rules for every situation and/or principles or rules at all. Basically,
decide whether or not they act
association of doing good by they do what they want! in a certain way based on what
simply following the rules. gives the most love. A
situationist would set aside rules
if love seemed better served in
doing so.
Where do situation ethics Who is Joseph Fletcher? What are the 4 presumptions?
develop from? He lived from 1905 ­ 1991. He Pragmatism: the course of
It identifies its roots in the new was ordained as a priest but action must be practical and
testament and turns away from then declared himself an atheist. work.
legalistic interpretations. A He gave six fundamental Relativism: avoid words like
quote: 'Christ Jesus... abolished principles and four `never/always'
the law with its commandments presumptions. Positivism: must have a
and legal claims' ­ Ephesians. successful end that is full of love
Personalism: humans come first
What are the 6 fundamental Who is Paul Lehman? What did Lehman believe?
principles? He wrote a book and developed He believed that your morals
1. Only one thing is intrinsically contextual ethics. This is where change depending on the
good; namely love: nothing else at
moral decision making and situation and background.
2. The ruling norm of Christian formation must take into account Something that normally isn't
decision is love: nothing else. the context of actions more than right, can be if part of a certain
3. Love and justice are the same, their laws or consequences. situation. For example, stealing
for justice is love distributed. is wrong. BUT! It can be right if it
4. Love wills the neighbor's good: to help your family survive.
whether we like him or not.
5. Only the end justifies the means:
nothing else.
6. Loves decisions are more
situationally, not prescriptively.
Is situation ethics flexible and Name some criticisms of Do situation ethics go with
practical? situation ethics. religion?
Yes. It takes into account the Gives people an NO ­ religion moral thinking is
complexities of human life and enormous amount of traditionally rule based and so
can make tough decisions. freedom. rejects situational thinking.
It is individualistic. There YES ­ alternative Christian ethic
that is consistent with the
is a danger of selfish
Gospel representation of Jesus.
human beings polluting
agapy love.

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