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2. What is the second product of the reduction reaction, other than the ones stated above?

  • OH-
  • H+
  • H-
  • OH+

3. What does the reduction of a keytone form?

  • Carboxylic acid
  • Secondary alcohol
  • Primary alcohol
  • Aldehyde

4. By what mechanism does the reducing agent you chose above reduce aldehydes and keytones?

  • Electrophilic substitution
  • Electrophilic addition
  • Nucleophilic addition
  • Nucleophilic substitution

5. What is the reducing agent used to reduce aldehydes and keytones?

  • Brady's reagent
  • Acidified potassium dichromate
  • Sodiumtetrahydridoborate(iii) (NaBH4)
  • Tollen's reagent


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