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the buddist belief that a persons deeds affect their past,present and future experiences
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human rights
rights to the basic things we need in life in order to exist
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sense of who you are in terms of attitudes character and personality
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consideration for others. understanding that everyone has value
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human dignity
treating all humans with respect regardless of race sex etc
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group of people who are joined together bc they share something in common
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the idea that if you wear certain clothes, for example or drive certain cars
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christians attitudes to helping those in need
showing concern for others is a basic duty. jesus expected his followers to copy his ways+that when you show concern for others you are doing it for or to jesus himself.failing to help others is failing god. believe help and support are simple.
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aims of the organisation christian aid
expose the scandal of poverty and to contribute to the eradication of poverty
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main aspects of christian aids work
to improve the lives of people in poor countries. support the projects run by partners in the countries and support groups of people whatever their religion or culture
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aims of muslim aid (islam charity)
work together against poverty.to build a capacity of local people to help themselves. our vision is the alleviation of poverty,education for all and provision of basic amenities for those in need
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human rights


rights to the basic things we need in life in order to exist

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human dignity


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