World Poverty

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Christianity opinions

'God made man in his own image' - He is fair in his creation, wants his creation to be fair too

'Love thy neighbour as yourself' - Look after people and treat them like you want to be treated

Help people in need - No matter what religion or race

Use money to help the poor and homeless - To get close to good and show Him you are following the religion

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Islam opinions

'He who eats and drinks whilst his brother goes hungry is not one of us' - If you don't help others, you are not vaued as a Muslim

Share wealth - It is given by Allah for all the good of humanity

Charging intrest on loans is forbidden - Helping poor, reducing repayments, preventing debt

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Causes damage to trust in the government

Afghanistan's government is corrupt

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Natural disasters

Earthquake in Haiti, Haiti is now in debt

Geographical location of a country - Makes it less or more prone to natural disasters


Volcanic eruptions


Flooding - Tsunamis

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Against exploitation of people - Treating people unjustly

People are part of the creation - Responsibility to look after the earth of God

'Love thy neighbour as yourself' - Look after the environment and the people on it

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LEDC's don't have clean water or sufficient amounts of food - Unjust

God is fair in his creations

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Emotion of sympathy and pity when we see or become aware of suffering and pain

Desire to help...

Challenges us to care

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