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How can you print on packaging?
Lithography, flexography, screen printing
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How is packaging cut out?
Using die cutting. The packaging can also be scored in certain places in order to help it fold, without creating creases.
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What is blister packaging?
Clear plastic blisters are used with either a cardboard, backboard or inlay, to enable the customer to see the product. The plastic is vacuum formed to fit the product. It is inexpensive, durable, transparent and tamper-proof. For example, medicines
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What is skin packaging?
It involves sealing a product between a layer of heated plastic and a layer of adhesive coated paper.
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What is Security packaging?
Packaging can be securely seales by: security seals, clamshell packaging, induction sealing or holographic stickers
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What is Insulation?
Polystyrene sheets, bubble wrap, and polyethylene foam provide effective insulation for products, as does corrugated card. it provides protection for fragile items and keeps the temperature inside the same.
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Why create a brand?
Branding is a way of making a companies products more visible and recognisable. It also gives it a personality.
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What are Physiological factors?
Relating to the body and its movement. Physical limitations / hand eye coordination / strength / size / stamina
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What are Psychological factors?
relating to the mind and behaviour. How we: taste / smell / see / feel / hear. This includes the use of colour and the different moods different colours can create.
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What are Sociological factors?
Designing for certain groups of people or thinking about how people can have problems in relation to their surroundings. Personal space / privacy / access / toilets / safety / disability / transport / as well as different values and beliefs
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What is exclusive design?
Targeting a narrow range of people / a certain group, and designing a product specifically for their needs
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What is inclusive design?
Meeting everyone's needs with one product. Aimed at everyone.
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What are ergonomics?
The study of relationships between people, products and their environment, and producing a product which is suited to them physically. It is about making products safe and comfortable to use.
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What are anthropometrics?
An area of ergonomics. The study of human measurements.
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What is the 5th to 95th Percentile?
Designing products which fit all types of human measurements, and avoids excluded people.
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How does adjustment relate to ergonmics?
Having products which are able to be adjusted to fit different body sizes, such as crutches, means that more can be sold.
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What is the British Standards Institution?
A product is awarded the BSI Kitemark if it has met the requirements of a series of tests a company pays for. This is a guarantee of a very high quality and safe product.
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What is the Conformité Européene?
A CE symbol on a product tells the consumer that the product has met basic requirements to be sold in the EU.
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Why is labelling on packaging important?
Because it displays important information for the consumer.
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What is Quality Assurance?
An approach to ensure products attain a consistently high standard, which is done throughout the manufacturing processes, materials, equipment, training staff and also considering customer views.
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What is Quality Control?
Constant checking, along the whole manufacturing process, as well as testing. This can include tests, which verify: accuracy of dimensions, weight, flammability, etc. This insures all products are similar and of high quality.
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What is tolerance?
Sometimes a large quantity of products which aren't exactly identical are made. So, there is a certain tolerance or minimum and maximum measurements which the product can be, in order to be acceptable.
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How is quality linked to branding?
Because people tend to associate certain brands with a level of quality, so companies have to maintain their values, in order for people to continue buying them.
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Why is sustainability important in product design?
Because designers have a duty to make products which are less harmful to the environment. Traditionally, many products have used non-renewable energy sources, or finite materials, such as crude oil for making plastics.
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What is meant by Reduce?
Reducing the amount of raw materials we use to make products. This also includes reducing the demand for the consumption of products which use certain materials of manufacturing processes which are harmful to the environment.
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How is packaging cut out?


Using die cutting. The packaging can also be scored in certain places in order to help it fold, without creating creases.

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What is blister packaging?


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