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Name 4 main heating treatments
Annealing, hardening, tempering, normalising
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Describe Press forming
Using a punch and die which are both manufactured from toughened die steel
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Describe annealing
Heats material until crystals grow, making the material softer
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Describe hardening
Changes the way carbon within steel affects the strength of the material. If the material is 'quenched' internal stress is caused
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What is dropforging
Used when large numbers of similar shaped objects are required. The upper half is attached to a sliding hammer, forces are exerted onto the metal blank between the die halves forcing it into the shape of the dies
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What is punching and drifting
Punching is achieved by hammering a spiked tool into the piece being worked, while a drift is used in a similar way to tidy up the hole
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What is drawing down
Reduces thickness of the material but the metal is hammered into a thinner section. Results in increasing the length of piece of work
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What is bending
Produced in the piece being worked, can be sharp or gradual. Cold material - gradual / Hot material - sharp
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Describe die casting
Casting materials with a low melting point into alloy steel moulds. Alloys generally cast are zinc, aluminium, magnesium based alloys. Varies due to amount of pressure force applied to the molten metal as it enters the mould
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Describe deepdrawing
Blank discs are formed into a cup shape using the 'cupping process. Material is then pushed through a series of forming rings which then employs the materials property of ductile
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What is thermoforming
When sheet material is held securely in a frame between two mould halves. Vacuum is applied through the lower mould and the upper mould ensures the required amount of detail is given
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Describe Press forming


Using a punch and die which are both manufactured from toughened die steel

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Describe annealing


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Describe hardening


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What is dropforging


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