Positivism Suicide

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1. dukheims study of suicide (showing cuase effect social causes)helped him

  • validate sociology as an interpretiist
  • validate sociology as a science
  • not validate sociology as a science
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2. according to steven lukes social facts are

  • smaller than the individuals
  • graeter than individuals
  • as great as individuals

3. Dukheim is a

  • marxist
  • positivist
  • Feminist
  • post modernist
  • interpretivist

4. Durkheim found that

  • sucide rates remained constant over time
  • sucide rates didn't remain constant over time
  • sucide rates flux

5. Durkheim found that when rates did change there were other changes too ie

  • rates fell in war, rose when economic depression
  • sucide rates just fell


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