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2. social integration

  • extent of belonging to a group, high integration= strong bond and duty
  • actions and desires kept in check by norms + values. Without regulation ind desires beyond satisfaction
  • catholics lower than protestants

3. Catholics lower protestants. Protestants more freedom, catholics integrated. Less common war high integration

  • Fatalistic suicide
  • Egoistic suicide
  • Anomic suicide
  • Altruistic suicide

4. Durkheim found that when rates did change there were other changes too ie

  • rates fell in war, rose when economic depression
  • sucide rates just fell

5. Modern industrial societies have

  • low level of itegration. individuals rights important weakens bonds = egostistic. less effective regulating undergo social change = anomic
  • strictly regulated lives = fatalistic
  • high level of integration. group more important than theindivid = aluristic + strictly regulated lives = fatalistic


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