Positivism Suicide

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1. social integration

  • extent of belonging to a group, high integration= strong bond and duty
  • actions and desires kept in check by norms + values. Without regulation ind desires beyond satisfaction
  • catholics lower than protestants
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2. Gibbs and Martin criticse durkheim for not....... his integration

  • operationalising
  • optining
  • reliable

3. Durkheim found taht within a societ rates ..... between social groups

  • varied
  • were similar

4. Stevel Lukes argued that social facts

  • free individuals shaping their behaviour
  • constrain individuals shaping their behaviour
  • constrain individuals restricting their behaviour

5. who found highest sucide rates in lonon boroughs where levels of social disorganisation were high

  • Sainsbury
  • Halbwach
  • Martin


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