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Suicide could be seen as the ultimate deviance act (Bowne 2009) as society relies on the
survival of human life
By committing suicide, the deviant is essentially willingly breaking society down ­ causing
society's values to Atrophy
In 1961 in England and Wales suicide was a criminal offence

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Durkheim identified 4 types of suicide
-Egoistic Suicide : Suicide in societies where people regard their individual happiness as
very important
-Altruistic Suicide : Suicide in societies where people see their own happiness as
-Anomie Suicide : Suicide in societies where rapid change is occurring
-Fatalistic Suicide: Results from…

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Suicide ( and their statistics) are therefore a product of differing opinions, attitudes and
No two suicides are the same
- Every suicide is unique and cannot be explained by formulaic causes and effects as
Durkheim argues
In order to understand suicide, each case must be put together like…


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