Police state and government control

What does ** stand for?
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What year was the ** formed?
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What was the ** main function?
To act as Hitler's bodyguards
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Who led the **?
Heinrich Himmler
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What colour did the members of the ** wear?
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Who did they show total obedience to? (**)
The Fuhrer (Hitler)
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How many members did the have by 1934? (**)
50,000 members
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What were the ** an example of? (Hint think Master Race)
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What did the ** become responsible for after the Night of the Long Knives?
Removing all opposition to the Nazis within Germany
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What group worked within the ** and what was their job?
The SD (Security Service) and their job was to maintain the secruity with both the party and the country
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Who were the Gestapo?
The Nazi Secret Police
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What year were the Gestapo created?
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Name the Nazi which set the Gestapo up?
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What happened to the Gestapo in 1936?
It came under the control of the **
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Who supervised the Gestapo after 1936?
Reinhard Heydrich
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What could the Gestapo do?
It could arrest, imprison and send people who were suspected of opposing the state and Nazis to concentration camps
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By 1939 how many people are estimated to have been under arrest for political crimes?
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What did the law courts experiences after 1933?
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What did all judges have to do?
Join the Nationalist Socialist League for the Maintence of the Law
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What was the People's court?
Try cases of treason with judges which were loyal Nazis
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What could Hitler do if he belief the setences were too soft?
Changed the sentences to make them more serious
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Who ran concentration camps?
SA and **
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Where did the First concentration camp open?
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When did the first camp open?
April 1933
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Name three other camps which opened shortly after
Buchenwald, Mauthausen amd Sachenhausen
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Why shape did prisoners where to show what catergory of prisoner they were?
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What were opponents of the regime taken to the concentration camps for?
Questioning, torture and hard labour
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What was said to families of those who were killed at the camps?
Said they had died of a disease or had been shot trying to escape
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Prisoners were used to make what?
extracting materials and manufacturing weapons
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What year had all Nazis been removed for the Cabinet?
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What was it compulsory for all members of the civil service to be in 1939?
Members of Nazi Party
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How many laws were passed on the Reichstag after Hitler passed the Enabling act?
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Where did all power come from in Germany from 1933?
The Fuhrer (Hitler)
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Who was led Reich Chancellery?
Hans-Heinrich Lammers
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What month were all state parliaments closed down?
31st March 1933
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Why were the state parlianments then all re-organised?
So that the Nazis had a majority in each state parliamnet
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What is the German/Nazi word for region?
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Each state was headed by a Reich Governor called?
A Gauleiter
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What did these Governors have the power to do?
Appointment and dismiss state officials and make state laws
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What year was the ** formed?



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What was the ** main function?


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Who led the **?


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