Russia Problems: 1985

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  • Russia's Problems: 1985
    • Economic
      • Soviet Union is Bankrupt, from arms race
        • Massive spending on defence under Brezhnev: hard to reduce
      • Prices of goods controlled and subsidised by government to keep general population happy
      • Space Program expensive to keep up with
        • Can't afford due to weak economy
    • Military
      • Military still keeping satellite states under control (only way they can maintain control) : Secret police
        • For example: Stasi in East Germany and Securitate in Romania
      • Didn't want to offend/ upset military
        • Soviet Troops carrying out manoeuvres along Polish border: ready to invade if necessary
    • Social
      • COMECON: Still trying to spread communism:bad for relations with USA
      • Soviet Union had suffered poor leadership for many years


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