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2. This piece does not have a key. Therefore it is..

  • Chromatic
  • Atonal
  • Modal

3. The act of moving a melody line between different instruments is called a

  • Syncopated Inversion Of The Fifth
  • Klangfarbenmelodie
  • Polyphonically Complex Melodic Idea

4. The dynamics in this piece are contrasting and extreme. One example of this is that

  • All instruments play the entire piece in pp
  • Muted instruments sometimes play fff
  • Muted instruments always play ff

5. The Principle Voice is called the..

  • Harpsicord
  • Hauptstimme
  • Nebenstimme


Samuel Richardson

This is quiz is useful for testing your basic knowledge on some key features of Shoenburg's 'Peripetie'. 

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