Schoenberg - Peripetie

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Arnold Schoenberg ­ Peripetie
These are the instruments used in this piece:
Huge orchestra
Woodwind ­ written for quadruple woodwind ­ this is 3 flutes, a piccolo, 3
oboes, a cor anglais, 3 clarinets, a bass clarinet, 3 bassoons and a contrabassoon
Brass ­ 6 horns, 3 trumpets, 4 trombones, tuba
Percussion ­ timpani, cymbals, xylophone
Strings ­ including cello and double bass
Wide range of extreme dynamics
pp to ff (pianissimo ­ very quiet - fortissimo ­ very loud)
ppp (extremely quiet)
fff (extremely loud)
Free rondo form ­ made up of five sections ­ ABA'CA" (A' and A" are variations
on Section A)
Uses melodic fragments
Use of hexachords ­ a group of 6 notes which creates dissonance (clashing
Marked Sehr Rasch (very fast), heftig (passionate) and ruhiger (calmer)
Section A
Every instrument plays but in groups
Starts off very loud (ff) and then drops to very quiet (pp)
Section B
All instruments play ­ most parts play alone
All play different rhythms and the parts overlap
Very thick texture
Dynamics build

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Section A'
Use of hexachord played by horns
Section C
Thin texture
Solos from cello and double bass
Loud notes
Section A"
Finishes with a variation of Section A
Instrumentation builds up from just clarinets and strings to the whole orchestra
Finishes with a pp chord (pianissimo ­ very quiet) in the horns and double bass
Polyphonic - this is where 2 or more different tunes weave in and out of each
Sudden changes
Tonality (Key)
Atonal ­ no particular…read more

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There is a lot of imitation - copying between instruments
There is diminution ­ where the note values are made smaller or halved
Lots of different note lengths
Melodic inversion ­ where the melody is turned upside down
Complicated rhythm…read more


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