Music Structure


Area Study Two Structure

Peripetie Arnold Schoenberg

This piece in in Free Rondo Form, five sections of (ABACA)

Something's Coming Leonard Bernstein 

Melody is entirely syllabic. 

Alternation of three main themes:

  1. The quiet, syncopated opening theme.
  2. The loud strident theme in 2/4 first heard at bar 21.
  3. The lyrical, slow moving theme, first heard at bar 73.

These three ideas are sometimes alternated a number of times.

Electric Counterpoint Steve Reich

Movement builds up in three layers:

  1. Syncopated quaver motif introduced in live guitar and top four guitars one part at a time.
  2. New syncopated quaver motif is introduced this time in the bass guitar.
  3. Sustained motif built around three chords begins in the live guitar.
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