Passage to Africa.

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what is the form
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what is the audience
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what is the purpose
to inform people of the suffering in somalia
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what does the title "passage to Africa"show
it could mean that he is dedicated to Africa. it doesn't specific what type of journey it was.
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"lean, scared and betrayed"
makes the reader feel empathy and pity. the rule of three makes the reader question who is betraying them
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"i will never forget"
draws the reader in. shows there is suffering and is quite vague.
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"a village in the back of beyond"
remote setting and euphemistic
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"aid agencies had yet to reach out"
shows the extent of the conflict in Somalia. villages have been destroyed and relief was needed.
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"dirt track"
gives the sense of helplessness and very rural. contrasts roads in the UK
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"like a ghost village"
refers to the past notes made
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"manner of journalists"
describing journalism
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"from one hut to another"
not a very well-populated area, no money in place. vivid memory
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"shocking is like the craving for a drug"
simile. shows he has an attraction. wants more
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"amina abdirahamn"
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"wild, edible roots"
malutrition and starvation
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"two young girls"
It talks about real people.
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"dirt floor"
contrasts to the uk.
shows the level of poverty
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"enervating stages of terminal hunger"
shows that death could be inevitable
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"Habiba had died"
short sentaces create tension and drama.
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"simple, frictionless, motionless"
rule of three, powerful adjectives, disrespectful
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"half life to death itself"
her life was devaluved
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alone and uncared for. often used to refer to a building, not a person. objectifies her
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"size of my hand"
"V-shape of a boomerang"
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"it was rotting; she was rotting"
grotesque detail. smells and senses
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"to wipe your hands on the back of your trousers after you've held the clamy palm of a mother who has just cleaned vomit from her child's mouth."
describes to the reader what it was like in a sense they would understand. open about his human reactions
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"soiled cloth"
evidnce of illness
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"old and dying man"
respected/has dignity/valued highly. not objectified
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"only a few seconds"
adds more detail with a time scale
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"the face"
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"it about that smile"
a polite smile of salutation from humanity
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"he was too embarrassed to be found in this condition"
could feel guilty by looking at him?
embarrassed about poverty?
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"evidnece of deprivation"
ingorned by the world
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"the subject is passive"
watching silently
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"between the rich world and the poor world"
contrasting language
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"found weakness by hunger and the ground down by conflict"
effects of war and moral question
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what is the purpose


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what does the title "passage to Africa"show


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"lean, scared and betrayed"


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