Passage to Africa

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  • A Passage to Africa
    • Topic
      • The state of war torn Somalia in the 1990s
      • The people Alagiah met and how they made him feel
    • Form
      • Travelogue, journal, diary, memoir
    • Purpose
      • Directed towards the nameless man
      • To Inform to the Western world
      • To help the understand how war affects humanity
    • Audience
      • Wide-ranging: the Western World
      • Quite mature topic to deal with
    • 'but there is one face I'll never forget'
      • strong narrative hook
    • 'like a ghost village'
      • simile, aura of death
    • 'terminal hunger'
      • very much a shocking phrase, as curable in the West and easily done so
    • 'simple, frictionless, motionless'
      • triplet: emphasises everyday occurrence that this is in Africa
    • 'twin evils of hunger and disease'
      • personifies them so humans look weaker
    • 'keeps his *** next to the mat' mirrors how he is clinging to the sense of life'
    • 'I owe you one' a role reversal of charity
    • Pathos evoked
      • by rhetorical question: 'how should I feel standing there so strong and confident?'
    • 'back of beyond' alliteration shows isolation
    • repetition of 'smile' shows how touched he was
    • 'power and purpose' plosive sounds show determination


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