A Passage to Africa (Part 1)



  • "A passage to Africa": Suggests a journey taking place. It could also mean a sense of importance almost like discovering a new trading route.
  • "hungry, lean, scared and betrayed": Invokes pathos through the use of emotive language. Almost as if it was the sight he behld after travelling the 'passage'.
  • "a little hamlet just... back of beyond": Shows us the remoteness of the village. "back and beyond" furthur emphasises this point.
  • "aid agencies had yet to reach": Hinting that there is a problem that requires outside help
  • :take the Badale Road for a few kilometers... forty five minutes: Long set of instructions without any pauses shows us that it is not just remote but uncharted.
  • "like a ghost village": Furthur presenting the fact that something seems wrong. Links back to the emotive language used at the beginning. 
  • ‘ghost’…


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