A passage to africa

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  • A Passage to Africa
    • Account -deliberately portrays shocking images
    • Follows rhetoric - powerful writing
    • Powerful  adjectives describe harsh conditions witnessed
      • 'scared, betrayed'
    • Power of 3 to create strong images
      • 'simple, friction less, motionless'
    • Powerful language that shocks - reality of work, unsympathetic
      • 'revulsion'
    • Simplicity of smile juxtaposes the shocking images
    • Repeats in a stand alone - 'And then there was a face'
    • Rhetorical questions- to get response
    • Establishes emotional attachment - give names
    • Sensory language
      • 'smell of decaying flesh'
    • Cold nature established - journalist is predator
      • 'tramped' ...  'on the hunt'
    • Uses images of the most vulnerable of society - old , women, children


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