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2. At what concentration is butyl mercaptan detectable at?

  • 100 ppm
  • 10 ppm
  • 10 ppb
  • 100 ppb

3. What is the shape theory of odor receptors?

  • Whether a odorant smells the same or different to another is based on its IR vibrational spectrum
  • Lock and key theory - whether an odorant molecule smells the same or different to another is based on whether it has a complementary shape to the receptor binding site of the OSN
  • Molecules might have to be the right shape to ‘dock’ with receptor sites but then bond energies determine the final activation level

4. Is the taste sensory cortex lateralised?

  • We cannot say because experimentally limiting taste to one side of the tongue is too difficult
  • May be
  • Yes
  • No

5. What is the McClintock effect?

  • Women are attracted to men with complementary immunity
  • Humans have a functioning VNO, which affected mate choice based on pheromones
  • Women living together will synchronise their menstrual cycles due to a pheromone found in sweat
  • Women do not synchronise their menstrual cycles


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