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2. Why is participant observation argued to be valid?

  • Because you can gain rich qualative data that provides a picture of how someone really lives.
  • Because you can gain rich quantative data of how someone really lives.

3. What are the disadvantages of overt observations?

  • Group may refuse researcher permission and cause hawthorne effect.
  • Researcher may cause hawthorne effect and engage in illegal activity.

4. Why are participant observations argued to be flexible?

  • Because the sociologist can enter the situation with an open mind and discover things the researcher may miss.
  • Because the researcher can go native allowing them to find things they miss from other research methods.

5. Why does the risk of going native cause issues with regards to participant observation?

  • Because loyalty to a group or fear of reprisal may lead the sociologist to conceal information.
  • May lead to the sociologist becoming too objective
  • May not be able to provide any data at all


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