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1. What are the disadvantages of overt observations?

  • Group may refuse researcher permission and cause hawthorne effect.
  • Researcher may cause hawthorne effect and engage in illegal activity.
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2. Why are participant observations argued to be flexible?

  • Because the sociologist can enter the situation with an open mind and discover things the researcher may miss.
  • Because the researcher can go native allowing them to find things they miss from other research methods.

3. Why are participant observations argued to be invalid?

  • Because findings are often too subjective and impressions gained from observer are often biased.
  • Findings are often objective and impresssions gained from observer are often biased.

4. What ethical problems can participant observation cause?

  • Risk of going native
  • Can be decieving, sometimes illegal and immoral
  • Can be too time consuming

5. What are the advantages of covert observation?

  • Reduces risk of hawthrone effect.
  • Observer can take notes openly
  • Reduces risk of engaging in illegal or immoral activity.


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