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some key terms for methods 

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Key terms
Interpretivism ­ An approach which focuses on the
meaning and definition which guide and direct people.
They want to know why people do what they do.
Positivism ­ An approach which attempts to explain
behaviour through cause and effect. They want to
know what people do and look at trends, correlation
and patterns.
Participant Observation ­ A research method where
the researcher joins in with the activities of those they
are observing.
Covert Observation ­ Under-cover participant
observation, the participants do not know they are
being observed.
Overt Observation ­ The researcher will inform of
their study
Non-Participant Observation ­ The researcher
observes but does not interact
Social Facts ­ Aspects of society which are external to
individuals and which direct their behaviour
Ethics ­ Moral principles, beliefs about what is right
and wrong

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Reliability ­ would it produce the same results?
Identical questionnaires should produce similar results
Validity ­ Is it a true picture? Official statistics provide
reliability but they don't provide any detail…read more


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