Natural Law

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Who was Aquinas' main inspiration?
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Name Aquinas' Four Laws
Eternal, Revealed, Natural and Human
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What is practical reason?
About Being - allows us to know how to act
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Give a quote relating to Aquinas' views on reason
'The moral life is life according to reason'
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What is a virtue?
An excellent quality of someone's character
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What are the cardinal virtues?
Prudence, Fortitude, Temperance and Justice
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Explain what prudence means
Making wise choices
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Explain what fortitude means
Confronting fear and achieving goals
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Explain what temperance means
Showing restraint and self control
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Explain what justice means
Balancing interests with those of others
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What are the theological virtues?
Faith, Hope and Charity
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Explain what faith means
Belief and trust in God
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Explain what hope means
Desiring and expecting eternal life
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Explain what charity means
Selfless love for others, in response to God's love
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What did Aquinas believe about human nature?
That it is essentially good
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What is an 'apparent' good?
An action that is not in pursuit of perfection
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Provide an example of an apparent good
eg) not going to school because you'll get in to trouble for not doing work
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What do real goods develop?
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How do we discern between real and apparent goods?
By using reason
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Describe the difference between interior and exterior acts
The exterior act is what others se, whereas the interior act is your inner reasoning behind the action
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What are the five main rules in Natural Law called?
Primary Precepts
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What do these help us identify?
The moral action in any situation in accordance with natural law
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Name the primary precepts
Power, Ordering of Society, Worship of God, Education of the Young, Reproduction
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Give a secondary precept for Worship of God
Follow the 10 commandments
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Name Aquinas' Four Laws


Eternal, Revealed, Natural and Human

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What is practical reason?


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Give a quote relating to Aquinas' views on reason


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What is a virtue?


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